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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Anthropology you will be able to explain the human condition, regarding its social and physical environment and using analysis of social problems from multiple perspectives with ample criteria, to properly evaluate the differences and similarities between cultural groups.  Thus, you will be able to create and disseminate anthropological studies that explain cultural, linguistic, and patrimonial diversity in the modern world, to audiences at a local and global level.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree.  Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Anthropology we have proposed the following goals:

  • Provide you with a holistic and interdisciplinary base in anthropology.
  • Increase your capacity for the adequate and professional handling of the knowledge of your field.
  • Prepare you to join the job market.
  • Foster your interest to use electronic media to obtain and process data.
  • Increase your analytical capacity of your cultural medium, which you will achieve by understanding different environments.
  • Train you to open new fields of action and applications in cultural anthropology.
  • Is respectful and considerate of all practices and manifestations of different cultures in time and space.
  • Likes to read and carry out documentary and field research.
  • Willing to work for the greater good and to be successful.
  • Determined to achieve goals through learning.
  • Masters rigorous methods and techniques of anthropology, using them in different cultural situations to aid the transformation of our current society.
  • Skillful in analyzing data and facts, by applying ethnographic and archeological methods, to establish generalizations, principles, and patterns.
  • Knows how to handle social and administrative conflict, understanding the importance of cultural diversity, to propose solutions to such conflicts.
  • Able to solve problems in anthropology, by identifying and selecting the most relevant data to provide adequate solutions.
  • Competent in the use of new technologies to record anthropology data and contribute to this field.
  • Capable of designing applied projects, using anthropology techniques and  considering the subjects involved to improve the previously found conditions.
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