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As a graduate from the Bachelor of Architecture you will be able to plan, design, and build architectural projects through creative processes, the application of representation techniques, and digital technologies. You will also know the efficient use of resources to propose sustainable solutions to human and city habitability problems in a national and international context.

Once you have finished your study program, you will have a bachelor´s degree in addition to a licenciatura degree. Therefore, your studies will be recognized worldwide.

In addition to enhancing your entry skills, at the Licenciatura in Architecture we propose to:

  • Teach you to draft design projects, applying creative processes to propose solutions to spatial needs.
  • Train you to use energy and bioclimatic strategies, determining where to apply them to achieve top interior comfort levels.
  • Teach you to evaluate structural systems, using physical and virtual models, to give integrity and security to architectural projects.
  • Instruct you to select construction and administrative processes for architectural projects, using a cost-benefit analysis to guarantee their adequate accomplishment.
  • Familiarize you with theoretical, historical, local, and global information to evaluate architectural heritage and intervene in architectural-urban processes.
  • Teach you to use manual representation techniques and tools, experimenting with communication exercises and promotion of ideas for architectural projects.
  • Train you to integrate complex digital media, using computer tools to optimize the creative process of architectural proposals.
  • Show you how to develop architectural proposals for urban design by identifying terrain phenomena for the correct growth of cities.
  • Has a high school degree with knowledge of art history, drawing, computers, math, and physics.
  • Communicates graphically and is proficient in written and verbal communication.
  • Is interested in the problems faced by humanity related to cities, architecture, the environment, and digital technologies.
  • Has concern for habitats and environmental problems and their relationship to human beings and society.
  • Is able to perceive spatial, tridimensional, and material qualities in natural and man-made environments.
  • Is able to interact with different schools of thought through collaborative learning.
  • Is capable of continuous independent learning.
  • Masters the methodologies of architectural design through the analysis of social and spatial needs to propose creative architectural spaces.
  • Knows different building systems to use as options, following a detailed analysis of the needs of the project, to efficiently manage human and material resources.
  • Able to consider bioclimatic design, analyzing environmental and human factors to achieve comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Skilled in building architectural and/or urban works using methodological aspects of architectural design to develop sustainable cities that satisfy habitat requirements.
  • Able to apply procedures and technologies adequate to the different stages of construction, operation, and maintenance of architectural space, integrating management techniques to guarantee spatial quality.
  • Skilled in developing sound architectural and urban design proposals, adequate to the terrain and city growth in an orderly fashion.
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