• To request a University Scholarship, you must apply during the dates established in the call and published in the School Calendar and follow the corresponding process.
  • The scholarship call applies to new students.
  • Those interested in obtaining a University Scholarship must be accepted to one of UDLAP’s onsite licenciatura programs.
  • University Scholarships will apply only to the scholarship fees that are integral to the selected study program.
  • University Scholarships will not apply to courses of particular interest, pre-requisites, projects in process, workshops or additional fees. This statement is explanatory but not limited.
  • Students who have scholarships can only enroll in each term if they do not owe anything to UDLAP (financial, documents, among others).
  • UDLAP’s Scholarship Department is responsible for applying the benefits of the University Scholarships, as well as renewing them for each academic term, as long as the requirements for maintaining the scholarship are met.
  • It is responsibility of the student to review that the scholarship is applied correctly on his/her account statement, as there will be no retroactive adjustments. If the student detects any errors, he/she must notify it to the Scholarship Department on the last day of the deferred payment date at the latest, in accordance to what is published in UDLAP’s School Calendar.
  • In no case will UDLAP give money, or any other form of payment, to the student as scholarship.
  • Students must know and understand UDLAP’s current academic and administrative regulations, as they are subject to applicable policies and procedures. The university can cancel the benefits if there is a serious breach to these regulations.
  • It is the student’s obligation to be informed through his/her university email.
  • Regarding dual programs, exchanges, special programs and professional practices abroad, the Scholarship will be applied according to what is established in current internal guidelines.
  • UDLAP only provides one scholarship per student, which is not cumulative under any circumstances. The type of University Scholarship, and accepted percentage, is applicable during your entire studies, so long as you meet the requirements for keeping it. You may not change the benefits of a University Scholarship or increase the assigned percentage.

Requirements to keep an UDLAP Scholarship

Students who receive any University Scholarship must:

  • Sign what is established in the Specific Guidelines of the requested University Scholarship.
  • Be enrolled in an onsite licenciatura study program taught at UDLAP, uninterruptedly.
  • Enroll, during each term, the minimum units required according to the academic degree and type of assigned University Scholarship. . The required terms are Spring (January) and Fall (August).
  • During the Summer term (May/June), there are no minimum units, as it is not a required study term. However, in case you enroll, the University Scholarship will be applied.
  • Maintain the cumulative GPA and not make more academic movements than those allowed according to the academic degree and type of University Scholarship.
  • Students who must meet Scholarship Service, must also:
    • Pick up and sign the acceptance letter for the assigned Scholarship Service project.
    • Sign the Scholarship Service regulations.
    • Work the Scholarship Service hours during the terms in which you have the scholarship.
    • Perform the partial and final evaluations required by the Scholarship Service and obtain a satisfactory note from the project leader. Both evaluations must be performed during the established dates.
    • For the summer period, you will be given the number of hours required to meet your Scholarship Service.
  • Students who have a University Scholarships must sell UDLAP Lottery tickets every year as long as you have a scholarship and in accordance to the current regulations. Contact: sorteo.udlap@udlap.mx or at phone number: (222) 2292105.
  • Beneficiaries of University Scholarships are subject to UDLAP’s academic and administrative regulations during their studies. UDLAP can cancel the benefits if there is a serious breach to these regulations. It is the student’s obligation to know and understand the current guidelines, and stay informed through his/her university email.
  • If you have any questions, please to go the School Services Department, located in Building 1, Office 102, Module 4, 5, or at the following address: informacion.beca@udlap.mx

Scholarship Service*. According to the percentage of your scholarship, the student must work a number of scholarship service hours on an UDLAP assigned project. There are different types of projects and their objective is to help in a student’s education.