It is essential to deliver your scholarship application on the dates established in this call, and enroll in the “initial enrollment” period according to the academic term (August 2022). It will be taken into consideration if you meet the requirements; otherwise you will not receive any benefits.

Under no circumstances will late applications be accepted.

These are economic benefits that are given to students who request them, considering the academic, sports or artistic performance.

These scholarships provide no economic retribution to UDLAP, as they are not credit-based.

Students are obligated to maintain their academic quality.

It is important to understand and meet the general and specific guidelines, as well as the scope, benefits and obligations of your scholarship.

Types of Scholarships


  • GPA: 8.5
  • Entrance Exam: 1200
  • Pay a socio-economic study

Benefits if you meet the established requirements

  • Associations
  • Chambers
  • Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government

Benefits if you meet the established requirements.

Consult the high school partnerships agreements »

Benefits if you meet the established requirements.

Specific process to become a part of UDLAP’s Sports Representative Teams. For more information, please contact the Sports Department:

Building GB, Office 207
222 229 23 78 and (222) 229 20 00 ext. 2381 y 6533

Specific call (enrollment in Fall 2022) to be a part of UDLAP’s Cultural Representative Teams.

Building CI, Office 212
222 229 31 55