As a diverse, multicultural institution, UDLAP offers students a plethora of experiences. The UDLAP campus is a rich environment in which students experience a variety of perspectives and ideas. Additionally, students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, allowing them to participate in the artistic, cultural and athletic activities.

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Our institution has a long and storied history. It was created, established, and is run under a philosophy which informs its goals, vision, and values. Because of this, UDLAP is firmly grounded in the present, while looking toward the future.

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UDLAP is a prestigious institution that has received both national and international recognition. Our numerous student exchange and dual programs are further testament to UDLAP’s international prestige.

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At UDLAP our administration works proactively to meet our goals and objectives. Internal administrative affairs are managed by qualified people and are delegated to their corresponding departments. This approach to internal operations ensures UDLAP’s transparency, while also offering educational excellence on a global scale.

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Because we want your time at UDLAP to be enjoyable and worry-free, we offer you a variety of services. From our residential colleges, to safe and fast transportation, to libraries, classrooms, and stores, UDLAP isn’t just a university; we’re also your UniverCity.

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At UDLAP we recognize the importance of our role in the greater society as well as in the local community. Because of this, we encourage public service and sensitivity toward social problems among our campus community. We believe we can make the work a better place by offering opportunities to everyone.

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