Entertainment on Campus

UDLAP Food Services is an award winning department dedicated to providing the UDLAP community with the best quality food and services. We cater to the dietary and health needs of our students, preparing fresh food under the strictest of hygienic conditions while providing comfortable spaces for students to relax and socialize as they enjoy their meals.

Tuesdays Are Movie Night!
Cineclub de las Américas (Cinema Club) is a project of the Department of Student Life. For more than 30 years Cineclub has shown award-winning films which are highly regarded by critics for their artistic and thematic content.

Recreation rooms at UDLAP are designed and equipped for students to relax, study or socialize.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to take recreational classes and make new friends from all over Mexico and the world while developing personal, social and cultural skills.

Learning and personal development also take place outside of the classroom. For this reason, UDLAP offers you a diversity of activities, programs and services. UDLAP also offers summer programs for children, youth, high school students, university students, adults, international students and the general public. Everyone has an opportunity to develop their skills at one of the best universities in Mexico.

Our international summer programs include: Spanish Immersion Program, Spanish for Health Professions, Summer Seminar for Foreign Language Professionals y Business in México. Come have the time of your life!

Develop your personal and professional skills while enjoying an unparalleled experience.