Internship or community service

Requirements for participating

  1. Submit necessary documents by the due dates: application, resumé and a letter of intent stating why you would like to participate.
  2. The International Office will respond to your application in approximately 2 weeks.
  3. If you come through a special program or summer program, please contact Maria Del Socorro Plaza Quintana:

About the Process

If you want to do an internship or community service project, you should register in the course titled “MX.” This is a 6 credit course for which you will receive academic credit for on your transcript depending on the established agreements between UDLAP and your university. If you are a visiting student or your university does not have an established agreement, you will have to pay the registration fees and course credits at the UDLAP campus. Keep in mind that in order to complete your internship or community service, you must complete these two phases:

Program available during various academic periods: Spring (January to May), Summer (May to July) and Fall (August to December).

  • Attend a 2.5 hour class every week with an advisor that will observe and evaluate your progress (internship or community service) so that you have the best possible experience. The professor/advisor will give you the syllabus and criteria of evaluation during the first week of class and also grade you during the semester.
  • Go to a school, business, hospital or non-profit  during the corresponding academic period and during the required hours:
    • Students coming during spring semester: February to April.
    • Students coming during summer: June and July.
    • Students coming during fall semester: September to November.

The students participating in internships and community service projects will have to spend 6 to 10 hours per week at the business or non-profit organization. The students participating at a school teaching English will be required to only spend 5 hours weekly.

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