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Admission Process
Follow these steps for your admission process:
Check if your high school has an agreement with us
If your school has an agreement with us, you will have access to additional benefits. Look for your high school here.
Take your entrance exam
Register to take your entrance exam on campus, or review the dates when we will visit your city.
Know the entrance exam dates and review the guide to take the exam.
First delivery of admission documents
Once you have passed your entrance exam, you can continue with the admission process and obtain a student number. For this, you must fill out the application for new admission, and provide a copy of your birth certificate or CURP, as well as your high school’s original transcript, or equivalent, with cumulative GPA. Know the process for the first delivery of documents.

Licenciaturas with additional admission requirements
Consider that if you want to study licenciaturas in International Business Administration, Dance, Medical Surgeon, or Nursing there are additional requirements you have to meet. Review here the additional requirements for admission.
Make your first payment and you will receive your class schedule
Pay for 6 units (where applicable).
During the early enrollment period you will receive your class schedule.
If you want to live on campus, we have a place for you
The Residential Colleges are an option to live on campus; learn how to reserve your room. See here the Residential Colleges.
Calendar for Entrance Exams

Take your entrance exam on campus, in our liaison offices in Mexico City and Veracruz, or wait for us to visit your city.

If you want to take your exam at the UDLAP campus, we invite you to register.

Entrance Exams

On Campus

Go to School Services, located in building 1, Office 102, on exam day at 8:30 a.m. The exam will start at 9:00 a.m.

Note: You may take the entrance exam from Monday to Friday on campus, if you make an appointment in the Student Recruitment Department.
Phone +52 (222) 229 20 25, 229 21 12
Fax: +52 (222) 229 20 25
Toll Free 01 800 22 77 400
E-mail: informes.nuevoingreso@udlap.mx
WhatsApp (+521) 222 577 38 29

Fecha Examen de nuevo ingreso Examen de ubicación
13 de agosto
(Próximo nuevo ingreso: 2017)
Examen de nuevo ingreso UDLAP: 13 de agosto Examen de nuevo ingreso UDLAP: 13 de agosto
8 de octubre X (Expo UDLAP) X (Expo UDLAP)
22 de octubre X X
5 de noviembre X X
19 de noviembre X X
3 de diciembre X X
17 de diciembre X X
Fecha Examen de nuevo ingreso Examen de ubicación
7 de enero X X
21 de enero X X
11 de febrero X X
25 de febrero X X
11 de marzo X (Expo UDLAP) X (Expo UDLAP)
25 de marzo X X
1 de abril X X
8 de abril X X
22 de abril X X
6 de mayo X X
20 de mayo X X
27 de mayo X X
17 de junio X X
1 de julio X X
15 de julio X X
22 de julio X X
5 de agosto X X

Exámenes en tu ciudad

Fecha Horario Sede
Jueves 2 de febrero 13:00 - 15:00 h Colegio Internacional Octavio Paz Calle Internacional 63
Tel.: (376) 688 00 04 CP 45900 Chapala, Jalisco
Regístrate aquí

Examen de selección Licenciatura en Médico Cirujano
Próximo nuevo ingreso Agosto 2018

Fecha Examen de nuevo ingreso
Marzo 13 al 15
15 al 17
Mayo 03 al 05
08 al 10
Take advantage if the benefits of agreement High Schools

If your high school has an agreement, and you have a cumulative GPA of 8.0 or above, you have the following benefits:

  1. Entrance exam waiver.
  2. Waiver of the one-time admission fee.
  3. Agreement deduction of 10% of tuition, when you hand in the scholarship application.

Look for your high school

What is a unit?
A unit is the hours/class ratio for a given course. For licenciatura, most courses are equivalent to 6 units, and a student enrolls in 6 courses per semester for 36 units in total.
Institutional Scholarships

The institutional scholarships provide economic aid to students who wish to continue their professional development.  The only commitment to maintain academic quality to keep this economic benefit for the duration of their programs.

These scholarships obligate the student, according to the corresponding rules and regulations, to comply with the obtained benefit. One important characteristic of institutional scholarships is that they are not credits that you must pay in the future.

Know our Institutional Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions
School Services

Is there a minimum score in the entrance exam to be accepted?

Yes. The maximum grade for the entrance exam is 1600 points. You need 900 to be admitted.

Is there a minimum score to apply for a scholarship?

To obtain an academic scholarship, you must score at least 1200 points in the entrance exam.

Afterwards you must fill out the academic scholarship application, which is required for the process, and pay the corresponding socio-economic study fee.

How long are the entrance exams valid for?

The score of your entrance exam is valid for a year from the date that you took it.

What is the cost of the entrance exam?

The entrance exam has no cost.

My high school has an agreement with UDLAP. Do I have to pay the one-time admissions fee?

If your cumulative GPA is above 8.0 and you study at an agreement high school you do not have to pay the one-time admission fee.

Residential Colleges

Do you have a 24 hour reception desk?

Yes. The reception desks at the Residential Colleges work 24 hours, so the residents may enter and exit when they need to. However, it is important to know that after midnight you must record your entrance in the log.

What is the minimum age to visit a resident?

Visitors must be 16 years old.

Can an underage person stay over for a night?

Underage visitors must have a Residential College visitor authorization letter signed by a parent or guardian. This letter must include a copy of official ID of the parent or guardian.

Who can the Head of the College provide information to?

The Head of the College can provide information about a resident only to those persons authorized by the same resident.

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