Government Solutions

Programs focused on improving public service at the municipal, state, and federal level. Their main objective is to improve the quality of service offered by the civil servants.

Our areas of specialization are:

Human Resources

Human Resource Analysis

Objective. To evaluate the profiles required in the different areas of Public Administration.

Organization and Procedure Manuals

Objective. To design and develop the operations documents for Public Administration activities to meet the challenges they face.

Financial Resources

Budget Analysis and Design

Objective. To define the adequate conditions to handle and execute financial resources based on the established objectives.

Accounting Coordination

Objective. To help meet the guidelines established by the Government Accounting Law.

Budget based on results

Objective. To design and implement new Public Administration techniques to improve services and use resources efficiently.

Plans and Projects

Public Policies

Objective. To design and evaluate government strategies.

Development Plan

Objective. To create a system to develop—following a diagnosis—a government plan. This includes the plan’s approval, validation, and implementation.

Government Programs

Objective. To define specific actions that are ideal to meet the demands and needs of the population, always in accordance to the government’s plans and policies.

Strategic Agendas

Objective. To implement a system to organize the administration’s activities and align them with the government’s priorities.

Internal Control Management Systems

Objective. To develop a model that orders the flow of information in order to have control and give follow-up to the agreements created during the management process.

Communication Strategies

Objective. To design, implement, and evaluate communication actions that position and strengthen the government’s performance, communication media, and public servants.

Administrative Closure and Handover Process

Objective. To provide methodologies to Public Administration offices to design an orderly process in the best conditions to close their administrative period and handover operations to the new administration, in order to give continuity to the services provided to the public./p>

Adaptation of Regulations

Objective. To propose the necessary changes in government regulations to have a transparent and responsible Public Administration that respects human rights..


Human Resources

Objetivo. To do specific actions to improve the performance of teams and individuals in Public Administration.

Public Security

Objetivo. To identify the fundamental aspects of public administration to handle operation policies in public security and the police force. To implement new technological platforms to detect areas of opportunity that will have a positive impact on security and crime prevention.

Accounting Coordination

Objetivo. To provide updated knowledge on the new conditions that have to be met in Public Administration according to the regulations.


Héctor Enrique Ángeles Sánchez