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Human capital has become the main asset for organizations to reach their goals. UDLAP Consultants designs special programs that increase efficiency and competitiveness in organizations, thus giving an advantage in today’s environment.  At UDLAP Consultants our programs and projects provide an answer to the specific needs of every organization. The content, length, place, and teaching methods we offer are always based on these needs. We have on-demand programs that provide a practical and strategic focus, always striving to create value for the company. These specialized programs can be offered because we have personnel with a solid academic foundation, and a recognized career path in different disciplines, who have skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately.  We have experience working with public and private companies in many industries: automotive, water, energy, technology, security, construction, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, financial, chemical, services, and others.  The prestige of Universidad de las Américas Puebla guarantees that everything we do is done with the highest quality. We invite you to know our services.


Daniela Contreras De La Torre