Get to Know Us


The commitment of UDLAP Consultants is to build a better business environment.  To do this we collaborate with customers from different sectors in order to identify opportunities to improve the businesses’ competitiveness.

Our focus is personalized and combines the academic expertise from Universidad de las Américas Puebla with the current business dynamics. This guarantees that consultants of the highest level will guide our customers towards a competitive and sustainable advantage, thus guaranteeing better results.

At UDLAP Consultants we follow the principles established by Universidad de las Américas Puebla, always looking to participate in the development of society through innovation and creativity, based in our belief that our success depends on our customer’s success.


We are aware of what UDLAP’s brand and prestige represent. Therefore, we always work guided by the principles that govern us as a university.


We understand that we are a part of a whole, that each one of us makes decisions that impact the way we perceive one another, and the way that our customers and other communities perceive us.

The Customer Is Always First
For us to be successful, our customer must be successful first.

Strategic Perspective
We seek to always offer our customers a competitive advantage.

Add Value
Our commitment is to add value to our customers.

Socially Responsible
We have a long-term commitment with stakeholders, who trust us because of the quality and excellence with which we perform our activities.


UDLAP Consultants is part of the services offered by Universidad de las Américas Puebla. We seek to share the specialized knowledge of our institution with the public and private sectors; our main objective is to provide solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a model that unites the best of academia with the different types of industries and organizations, combining research and practice, allowing us to create unique and tested tools that improve our customer’s performance.

At UDLAP Consultants we do not choose only one model to be adopted by all customers.  On the contrary, we know that every organization, either public or private, is different and has specific needs.  Therefore, we try to customize our solutions to have a competitive advantage and provide a unique value to our customers.

Our Consultants

Being part of a community like Universidad de las Américas Puebla lets us rely on consultants who not only come from different backgrounds, but who are also the best in their fields.  They have graduate degrees in all disciplines: Science, Engineering, Business and Economics, and Arts and Humanities. We value and collaborate with the unique talents that UDLAP’s faculty offers.  Our team consists of people with Doctorates and Master’s Degrees who constantly update their knowledge, and who also have many years of experience in different industries.



The current environment is dynamic and competitive and training has become an important factor to survive and progress in public and private institutions.  Every day the demand for highly trained personnel who understand the new trends of their areas increases. Training implies acquiring skills and knowledge that allows us to be more competitive in performing our jobs.  At UDLAP Consultants we have the human talent that provides an answer in this environment since our team consists of faculty who have graduate degrees and are informed of the latest trends.


Consulting is a service that provides solutions to specific problems of companies and governments. It is important to point out that consulting firms are not hired to manage organizations, or make decisions on behalf of management or government officials. Our role is to advise responsibly, offering unique and personalized solutions. At Universidad de las Américas Puebla we have a wide range of consultants: we can call them that since our faculty are knowledgeable in different areas, understand the problems that affect not only businesses but also governments, and have the capacity to identify, analyze, summarize and propose concrete solutions.